September Beauty Box 5 Review!


Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription box.. For $12 a month, you will get 5 deluxe or full size beauty items shipped right to your door.. Beauty Box 5 ships through DHL/USPS, so it comes right to your mailbox!

They give a good mix of beauty related products that range from hair care, to skin care, makeup, and polishes!

To learn more about Beauty Box 5, click HERE

First impression? Their box is very tiny! I don’t know how they fit the products in there, but they did. You have been warned.


Small box addressed, now let’s get to the good stuff and see what was inside! 


Each Beauty Box 5 comes with an info card that lists each item inside and some useful information about each one, including full size retail values! 


Nicka K New York Eyelight Crayon (FULL SIZED!)

This creamy shadow stick glides on easy and adds a bit of color. You can smudge the color with your finger, or a brush, to get a smokey-eye effect. You can also blend it all the way out to a full-lid base.

Retails for $4.49!


My Beauty Spot Nail Polish (FULL SIZED!)

These polishes have incredibly bold color! It has a very thick formula that glides on smooth. It dries SUPER fast too!

Retails for $4.16!


Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara (FULL SIZED!)

This mascara doesn’t only deliver volume and definition… Thanks to its lacquered formula, it actually lifts your lashes, leaving an eyelash curler useless! No smudging. No flaking. No worries!

Retails for $7.99!


Natural Style by FUBU Deep Conditioner and Co-Wash (1 oz.)

 This deep conditioning co-wash is equipped with 8 repairing oils and Shea butter. This treatment strengthens hair to minimize frizz, and contains no sulfates or parabens. It can be used as a co-wash for curly hair, and as a deep conditioner for all hair types.

This 1 oz sample size retails for $1.20..

Sally Hansen Toe Spacers (1 pair)

I found these to be very uncomfortable. They were marketed as cushiony, but I found them to be very stiff.

Retails for $1.99..


The final retail value of the September Beauty Box 5 comes to $19.83! Considering that the box costs $12 per month, I wouldn’t call it much of a steal. If I were to recommend Beauty Box 5, I would advise you purchase the full year subscription for $99. That would make each box $8.25 per month, which is a MUCH better deal!

To try Beauty Box 5 for yourself, click HERE


By: Celise Hartgrove

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