Jewelry in Candles Review!


Jewelry in Candles” is a company that sells candles and tarts! They are said to radiate vivid scents that arouse delightful memories and provide a long-lasting aroma that will indulge you into serenity. I like the sound of that!

Jewelry in Candles uses 100% all-natural soy wax that is safe, has a beautiful patina look and burns cleanly in your home. They have bold scents and SURPRISE JEWELRY in every candle!

I was lucky enough to receive some scent samples from the lovely Annette Bordua, an independent sales consultant for Jewelry in Candles. To be completely honest, I put them to the side until later in the evening and kept wondering where that amazing smell was coming from! I was hoping it was me, but no… It was the candles! 🙂

The scent samples that I received were Lilac, Sweet Sangria, Gardenia, Fruit Slices, and Fun on the Beach. I have to mention that although they all smell like little pieces of AMAZING, Fun on the Beach is my absolute favorite!


If you love candles and SURPRISES, I am positive you will fall in love with Jewelry in Candles!

Want to try Jewelry in Candles for yourself? You can do so by clicking HERE!

Don’t believe me? Smell for yourself!

Contact Annette Bordua by email at

You can also follow Annette on instagram by clicking HERE!

Jewelry in Candles is listed as the #4 home business to keep your eye on! So keep your eyes open and enjoy the aroma.. 😉


By: Celise Hartgrove

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Disclosure: I was given this product for free for review purposes, but all opinions are 100% my own! I was not compensated in any way. Post contains no affiliate or referral links 🙂


August Beauty Box 5 Review!


Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription box.. For $12 a month, you will get 5 deluxe or full size beauty items shipped right to your door.. Beauty Box 5 ships through DHL/USPS, so it comes right to your mailbox! 

They give a good mix of beauty related products that range from hair, to skincare, makeup, and polishes! For the month of September, you can get their August box FREE when you sign up! Just apply the promo code “AUGUSTFREE” at checkout, and you will only pay the $12 for September’s box 🙂

To sign up for Beauty Box 5, click HERE

I received their free August box and was surprised by how tiny the box was! I don’t know how they fit the products in there, but they did. You have been warned (lol)

Small box addressed, now let’s get to the good stuff and see what was inside! 


First impression? I can’t get past how tiny it is! But it does look pretty cute..



Each Beauty Box 5 comes with an info card that lists each item inside and some useful information about each one, including full size retail values! 



Novex Brazilian Keratin 1.05oz packet

Value = .63 cents

The info card says to massage this intensive treatment into your hair after shampooing, leave in for 25 minutes, then rinse out for smoothness and shine..

Full size retails for $19.50 for 2lbs



La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes

8 wipes value = $3.35

These wipes are said to remove makeup from eyes, lips and face and are free of parabens..

Full size retails for $19.99 for 48 wipes


Nanacoco Lip Gloss in Mysterious

FULL SIZE! Value = $3.99

This lip gloss is definitely full of pigment and is said to have Vitamin E! Although the info card states that this gloss has “no stickiness attached”, I have to disagree.. This is comparable to putting on a nicely pigmented pink glue stick.. Just my humble opinion.. 😉


Style Essentials Nail Polish

0.25 oz value = $1.75

This polish is advertised as a pretty dash of color with a fun finish.. I’m thinking not. This really isn’t my color.. The polish itself is very thin and transparent, but easy to apply..

Full size retails for $7 for the 4 Nail Polish Collection


Purlisse Pur~protect SPF 30

.5oz value = $16.17

Although this sunscreen is said to be non-greasy and won’t upset sensitive complexions, it pretty much was the opposite.. It not only irritated my face, but was also very very greasy.. Definitely not good for my combination skin. 

Full size retails for $55 for 1.7oz



Ultimately, it is a cute box.. I have no use of sunscreen at the moment, am against keratin products, and seriously dislike the nail polish.. BUT the wipes are perfect for my purse and the lip gloss is super pigmented and long wearing.. 


The overall value of the August Beauty Box 5 was $25.91.. So for $12, you really do get your money’s worth. I’m not sure this box is geared towards women though. I would more likely suggest it for a teenage girl.. 


Interested in trying Beauty Box 5? Sign up by clicking HERE, and enter the promo code “AUGUSTFREE” at checkout to get their August box free as well 🙂


By: Celise Hartgrove

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Darshana Natural Indian Hair Oil Review!


I recently scored some awesome freebies from the lovely Shana Irani, co-founder of Darshana Beauty! She sent me five packets of her Darshana Natural Indian Hair Oil. I have super thick, intense curls so I’m always on the lookout for great hair products that let me keep the curl yet add shine and definition.


Here’s a little back story on Darshana:

Darshana was inspired by Shana and her husband Darius’s travels to India, where she tried hair oil treatments and discovered amazing results! They then spent over one year of their lives creating their own natural treatment oil to share with the rest of the world. That was the birth of Darshana!

Darshana is a natural Indian hair oil that will rejuvenate, hydrate, and transform your hair. It’s made with Ayurvedic ingredients rich in antioxidants, omega oils, and vitamins that will moisturize and restore your hair. Darshana is for all hair types but is especially helpful for dry, damaged, or curly hair. They promise it will give you healthier, softer, and smoother hair after JUST ONE USE!

To learn more about the Darshana brand, click HERE!

Here’s a before shot of my natural mess of whatever you want to call it:


Shhh.. Yes. I know.


The directions state:

1. Before you shower, apply Darshana Natural Indian Hair Oil onto your dry hair.

2. Massage into scalp.

3. Work oil from roots to the ends of your hair to help lightly coat the entire length.

4. Leave on for at least 30 minutes or up to overnight.

5. Shampoo, condition, and style your hair as usual.

Some tips for applying suggest using a conservative amount if you have straight hair, and a more liberal amount if you have curly hair.

I opted to try the overnight option since.. Well, you saw the before shot….


I only needed to use two packets to get my desired coverage. It smelled absolutely Heavenly, and wasn’t overly messy to apply. Washing it out was quick and easy the next day, and required no extra effort than a regular shampoo would.


As a result, I was rewarded with super shiny, well-defined curls that were much more manageable than my usual unruly mess.


This really is a great product, and I highly recommend that you give it a try for yourself. Darshana has really changed my opinion of hair oils! Try it for yourself to see what it can do for you…

I mean, seriously.. Check out these curls!!!


For samples/inquiries, contact

To purchase Darshana for yourself, visit their website by clicking HERE!


By: Celise Hartgrove

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Disclaimer: These are my honest opinions. Post contains no affiliate/referrals links. I was not compensated in any way.