Plum Organics Mighty 4 Prize Pack Review!


Plum Organics is an organic baby food company based in California. They have a wide variety of foods for your little one to enjoy, and discover. They make all kinds and foods, from stage 1 pouches, to kids snacks for on the go! They recently had a giveaway on their Facebook page to promote their new “Mighty 4” Toddler line, and my super lucky baby Aria was randomly selected as the winner! YAY!


This is a dream come true for us because Aria just turned 20 months old, and she’s eaiting more foods that we eat now. I was very pleasantly surprised when they announced Aria as one of their 20 winners! Considering we had just won their “World Baby Prize Pack” through Citrus Lane, I didn’t have high hopes for winning this one. But we did!

You can check out my review of their World Baby Prize Pack HERE!


Want to sign up for Citrus Lane? You can do so HERE, and get your first box for just $14.50! 😉


Her prize came in such a big box that the delivery man said, “That’s a fairly large box..”

Yes. IT IS!


Just like last time, their presentation was superb! Aria had a great time unveiling the mystery that was in the “fairly large” box..


She couldn’t wait to dig into the awesome goodies she received!


Plum Organics “Mighty 4 Prize Pack” included ALL FIVE FLAVORS of their Mighty 4 blend!

Aria received:

  • (1) mighty 4 blend –  kale, strawberry, amaranth & greek yogurt pouch
  • (1) mighty 4 blend – purple carrot, blackberry, quinoa & greek yogurt pouch
  • (1) mighty 4 blend – sweet potato, blueberry, millet & greek yogurt pouch
  • (1) mighty 4 blend – spinach, kiwi, barley & greek yogurt pouch
  • (1) mighty 4 blend – pumpkin, pomegranate, quinoa & greek yogurt pouch


I have to say that Aria absolutely LOVED each and every one of these pouches! She gobbled them up and made “mmm nom nom” noises the entire time. Which is her way of saying “Great job Plum Organics!”

Plum Organics “Mighty 4 Prize Pack” also included BOTH FLAVORS of their mighty 4 essential nutrition bars!

Aria received:

  • (1) box of six mighty 4 essential nutrition bars – blueberry with carrot
  • (1) box of six mighty 4 essential nutrition bars – strawberry with spinach


Aria really, really loves these bars! She likes both flavors, and especially likes having them for breakfast! 🙂

 The final yummy snack in her prize pack was Plum Organics’ mighty puff’ ems!

Aria received:

  • (1) mighty puff’ ems – cheesy broccoli carrot
  • (1) mighty puff’ ems – cheesy pumpkin sage
  • (1) mighty puff’ ems – cheesy tomato basil


These mighty puff’ ems are a super healthy alternative to cheese doodles! What a great way to trick your little snacker into eating something healthy! Aria really likes all of these flavors and has actually screamed for more..

As an added BONUS, Plum Organics included……..



It was so much fun watching my happy, healthy toddler run around the house with her snacks in one hand, and her new cape trailing behind..

Thank you so so much Plum Organics, for randomly selecting “Aria, the Mighty” to be one of your 20 winners. We greatly appreciate it, and will highly recommend you to just about every new parent we come across.. 😉

By: Celise Hartgrove

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